Individual Coaching 

Coaching Programs

4-week Simple Steps Foundation
8-week Healthy Habits Motivation
12-week Fill My Cup Complete
12-week Elevate My Health to Boost My Business Comprehensive
16-week Tame My Thyroid Extensive

Complimentary Discovery Session-

Before any individual program, this 60 min. private consultation is focused entirely on you. You’ll discover what your vision is for your life and health. You will uncover the challenges you're experiencing, why you're stuck, or what might be preventing you from having the life you want. You’ll get powerful insight about yourself and what to do next. By the end of our conversation, you'll know if working together is your next best step.
All personal coaching programs include:
* A 60 min. coaching session each week for the duration of the program
*Simple action steps to keep you moving forward throughout each week.

Inspiring Stories about Individual Coaching:

I felt broken and blind to how to fix me. I reached out. Heidi helped me by giving me tools to help prioritize my life. Helped me feel more comfortable with saying no to people, and helped me discover my why for making impactful changes in my life. My scenario is specific to my needs and my life! A coaching plan was custom tailored to MY needs. I’m a better Husband, Father, and person for the changes that Heidi helped me make. I couldn’t be more happy with working with her!!!

-Brent J.

Heidi is passionate about what she does and the clients she serves. She goes above and beyond serving them by providing the best service she can. Heidi's focus and motivation runs so deep and you can tell she gives everything she has to her clients. Heidi is dedicated to serving others, as evidenced by her involvement as a Founding Board Member of Kaha Tahi; a community that allows for and encourages differences and acceptance of one's self. Kaha Tahi translated from Maori means "Strength Together".

-Brittany P.

Heidi's program was filled with insights for me. She taught me ways to improve my relationship with food and, more importantly, my relationship with myself. Heidi knows that health is about living a well-balanced life and is expert at helping others uncover how to achieve that for themselves.

-Lindsey C.

I have so enjoyed my time with Heidi who was always up beat and taught some wonderful concepts that I’m continuing to implement in my life to make a difference in my health. It’s not always about losing weight but how we go about feeling better health wise. And it’s great to get input from another positive resource, which she has been for me.Heidi knows how to gently help people self-identify the simple, most effective steps that will help transform your daily habits and make for lasting change.

-Janee S.

I am so thankful for my experience with Heidi’s coaching. I struggled for a few years with an autoimmune disorder. I invested both money and time going to the doctor during those years with almost zero progress. I was tired, had little energy, and was stuck trying different medications recommended by doctors. A few months after choosing a more natural and holistic route to correcting my health issues, I met Heidi with Healthy Habits for Me. I decided to try her program. IT WAS AWESOME! Exactly what I needed to find and bring balance to all areas of my body and health. The program teaches you how to listen and maintain the overall wellness of your body, mind, and spirit. While I am more than happy with the success this program and coaching had on my health, I am infinitely grateful for the energy and push it’s had on my business. Taking care of my body has really helped refocus my mind and keep a more positive vibration during my day. Thank you, Heidi, for your time and the lessons learned!

-Dallin J. 

Heidi and I have been working together for many months now. She has been able to help me establish good habits that have become part of my lifestyle. Looking back at where I was when we started and where I am now, I’m a different person. I no longer judge myself or other for the choices made. Even my husband says I have changed in a good way. I look at my life so differently now. I called my journey with Heidi Over the Redwood. Imagine a giant redwood had fallen in my path and the only way to go on was to make steps or a ladder or something and climb over it. You could also imagine you had to chop your way through it. And I can say with confidence I feel like I made it through that redwood. Chopped away all the baggage that was holding me back from being the amazing, talented, beautiful, person that I am. It is ok to love yourself and believe in yourself.

-Sarah B.

Working with Heidi has been awesome. She’s kind, caring, non-judgmental. She helps you see things in a different perspective, helps you set realistic goals and then lovingly holds you accountable. She knows her stuff. Highly recommend working with her!


I enjoyed every minute that I got to work with Heidi! She is very knowledgeable and compassionate. The things that I learned will impact my health choices for the rest of my life. Thank you Heidi!

-Danny B

Heidi knows how to gently help people self-identify the simple, most effective steps that will help transform your daily habits and make for lasting change. 

-Alysia H.

Heidi has been just what I needed at exactly the right time.  I love her compassion and willingness to really listen to what's going on in my life and give me real world solutions that are working for me.  She is very intuitive and has helped me in so many ways.  I'm grateful to know and work with her.